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    Id like to say that this is an incredible product, but there is a language barrier. Unless you have a person that speaks clearly and more pronounced, Id like to refund my money. 

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    Casmir Kelvin

    I can speak English very fluently

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    Dave McNabb

    My blog is added. I do the search, select the keyword and do the add to automation. I select the blog and then nothing happens....the page acts like to is doing something with the shading....but it never moves on. I tried adding the url multiple ways and still does the same thing......need some help or I can't use the system....

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    Virgilio Rosario

    Hi. I just purchased Revyoo. My question is. What if I have only API keys to Ebay,Aliexpress without Amazon or Walmart. My Amazon is expired. In case of Walmart I am not a US citizen. I dont have SSS number. Can I still use revyoo with Ebay and Aliexpress without Amazon or Walmart?,

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    John b Green

    I'm sure i have bitten off a little more than they can chew. I want to do this, I'm going to need some help.
    Thanks, John.

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    Rick Wagner

    I don't even know where to start? It's confusing to know where to go. It seems everywhere I turn, there is an upsell to something different. Can I at least learn what it is I bought in the first place...jeesh!

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    Daniel Wisdom Tengey

    I am need assistance for Teazer video, when ever I upload the audio for teazer video, the audio does not load up. 

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    Richard Santiago Almiron Delgado

    Hello to the Traffic Magic group.

    I think this is a magnificent system for what it promises to do.

    But it is impossible to understand how exactly the system works.

    You should have a video making the whole process live so we will understand exactly where to start.

    In this system there are only configurations but we need to know how to appear on Google.

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    miguel Triana

    Hello I need assistance for Teazer.Whenever I upload for Teazer video it does not work. You must do a video that guide us step by step how to do everything.There is no point to buy a product where the support is poor.If I do not get the support I need I will ask for a refund.

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    I've been waiting patiently for weeks to see my Rank One Agency? Could someone Skype me at live:rickware

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