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    Very disappointed with no training instruction. I am just about to ask for refund...


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    Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa

    I have watched your webinar on Plug-ins and would like to set up my site, but may have to watch it again even though I took notes to make sure I do not miss a step. Why is Engage Leads so complicated with so many plug-ins to install exactly according to the directions? 

    Is there any further help if we need it?


    Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa

    Durga, Mary mother of Jesus, and integral to the lineage of the Sikh Gurus. 

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    Sherry Hill

    Same here Quynhthi1, only I already DID request a refund yesterday and there's nobody over there responding yet. :( 

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    Ibrahim Othman

    Hello Sir ,

    Regret I have to request for refund as I am not satisfied on the
    product 'Infinity Store' because not as claimed to be in your sale page
    . It just not easy to work with the program .

    Below are the proof of purchased dated Dec 19, 2018 thru Paypal :

    Paid with VISA x-0228

    You'll see "PAYPAL *CJSUCCESSTE" on your card statement.
    Exchange rate
    73.82 MYR = $17.00 USD
    1 MYR = 0.2303 USD

    Transaction ID

    Seller info
    CJSuccessTeam LLC

    Invoice ID Purchase details

    Infinity Stores (wso_jhywnh_19734174)$17.00 USD
    Total$17.00 USD

    Appreciate your quick response and good service

    Thank you

    Sincerely yours
    Ibrahim Othman

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    Johno Ardley

    I have just requested my refund for the same reasons as above. Newbie training and support is horrendous!

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    Achmad Suryadi

    video tutorial tidak berfungsi, bagaimana ini bisa terjadi. tidak sesuai dengan apa yang diharapkan

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