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    Can I just have your software up on my webpage and people could enter the product information into the software and it will produce the list of products that are similar and from all of the other sites?

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    Conswello C Fuller

    I'm having trouble with the API, I have follow all directions but it still say unarthorized to youtube, authorize to another account. I have tried several different accounts with the same results. 


    Also, I have the vsource and I hit he no links button in the setting by mistake and I have tried to retrieve it several different times and it won't save. I have even tried all of the buttons and they saved, but the no links button still didn't save and I am unable to search. 

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    Conswello C Fuller

    I also upgraded and am suppose to have unlimited searches but it's on 300 a month. and I just went from 292 to 92. There are so many glitches in this software it's crazy. 

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    Will Zhang

    Hi. I have a problem with using Teazer generate video. It takes ages. So long!!! And still processing...My internet is fine. I can watch 4k video on youtube easily, why take that long? Will this issue disappear in the future? what happened?

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    Tiffany Ann


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    leqaa al

    Hi I can't set post search, shows nothing

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    arkita hendrix

    hi.. im not understanding this website at all.. i have went through the tutorials and still not understanding.. i would like to possibly discuss money back... 

    please contact me.. 

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    Arun Kumar

    hello guys

    we are very disappointed with RAIIDAPP because we could not understand that how its works.

    1. we can not getting check that my website is live or not 

    2.only you provide only one subdomain before tell something other like your copyright page 

    3.we can't understanding that my clickbank account connected or not 

    4.Even links or have in article or not 


    Please give right solution for this query  unless we will not afford this product 


    Edited by Arun Kumar
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    Tilly Dunn

    Hi, After failing with Raiid, I came back from time with the family and I saw the activity on my PayPal account. The costs looked like a scam and so I responded that way. Please forgive me for giving you a hard time. I was very happy with the quick refund you gave me except for $127.00 USD. Will you refund that amount as well? Thank you. Tilly Dunn

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    leqaa al

    I want refund for all Raiid products witch i registered please

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    Daisy Filser

    Hello, sorry to say but can I refund my money I have hardtime to make a website I can't make it I'm tired. I would like to get my money back, thanks anyway for the support I really appreciate it. More Success to all of you and more Power...

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    Hi there, I have sent you an email since me using from 7-9-2020 thats says I am having a problem is that the program is showing "Post Research" titles in German language but to date your programmers are not rectifying my problem. 

    All I know is that you've mentioned you have sent a ticket to them but ????

    Are you guys really interested to solve our problems fast?

    I am beginning to feel let down after having high impression about your program from people marketing them.

    I hope you guys genuinely look into this issue.



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