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    Can I just have your software up on my webpage and people could enter the product information into the software and it will produce the list of products that are similar and from all of the other sites?

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    Conswello C Fuller

    I'm having trouble with the API, I have follow all directions but it still say unarthorized to youtube, authorize to another account. I have tried several different accounts with the same results. 


    Also, I have the vsource and I hit he no links button in the setting by mistake and I have tried to retrieve it several different times and it won't save. I have even tried all of the buttons and they saved, but the no links button still didn't save and I am unable to search. 

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    Conswello C Fuller

    I also upgraded and am suppose to have unlimited searches but it's on 300 a month. and I just went from 292 to 92. There are so many glitches in this software it's crazy. 

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    Will Zhang

    Hi. I have a problem with using Teazer generate video. It takes ages. So long!!! And still processing...My internet is fine. I can watch 4k video on youtube easily, why take that long? Will this issue disappear in the future? what happened?

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