[Vitraffic] How to find feed urls of various sites ?

Please check below url to find feed urls of different sites


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    willow sorrow

    i signed up with my other rmail is i am not able to log in anymore

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    Sarah Vargo

    I can't do ANYTHING it's asking for my password i put it in it says its wrong and that's that?????

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    Ooi Cheong Ban

    Good afternoon..We have a few issues.Please find good english speaking narrators.People who do not slur and slang.

    i do not understand why the meta tags i inserted was removed during the setting up of the web page.

    On the urls for the ebay and amazon, i cannot find the RSS feeds or Links or URLsst do not understand the words that are being spoken and what was shown on the video does not show, Very disappointing..The videos are incomplete. 

    I have stopped the setup.

    The other big issue is the OTOs upsells coming up on the screen again and again. t just keeps on coming up and disturbing.

    i look forward to some kind of solution failing which i would ask for a refund

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